Hanbok Workshop

Join us as we learn about Korean culture through Korean traditional dress, known as hanbok!  Ms. Cecilia Choi will be presenting us with a variety of hanbok, from examples of royal dress to modern fusion.  Afterwards there will be a chance to try on the hanbok yourself and take pictures in our photo zone.

This is a great opportunity to learn about and experience Korean culture and customs!

We will have hanbok for both men and women, which exhibit the different styles below:

  • Royal ceremonial dress
  • Royal leisure/casual
  • Wedding couple
  • Special occasions/formal wear for Yangban
  • Commoner’s Hanbok
  • Modern fusion

You can take photos in the above hanbok at our special Korean style photo-zone.  We will have a photographer present, and all pictures will be uploaded on our facebook page after the event!

In order to take the best photos, try not to wear any clothing with collars (like dress-shirts) and instead opt for wide-collared shirts, or wear a tank-top under any bulky clothing so you can remove layers if need be! Please avoid clothing with any spikes/beading or decoration that could get stuck on the hanbok or damage it!

For more information on our guest lecturer, Ms. Choi, see her interview with Arirang TV:

Ms. Choi’s shop (전통공방) is located at 5 Glen Cameron Rd., Markham. Tel. (647)708-0461.

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