Name: Anu Manilal

Age: 20

POSt: Major in Architectural Design and Anthropology, 4th year

Social Media: You can follow me everywhere @anuimnida!

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

I love Kpop! I got into Kpop in 2013 when a friend of mine showed me Super Junior’s Mr. Simple and Girl’s Generation’s The Boys. I was like wow. These people are good looking. ^^; From such superficial beginnings, I got drawn into the world by the music, and then the fanfiction (now that’s what I spend most of my time on…) I loved Super Junior for a year, then I discovered B1A4, and then finally, BTS, whom I have been an avid fan of since 2015. (ARMY REPRESENT) Each of these groups is special to me in their own way, and being a part of a community that felt safe and protected from my “real life” was so integral to me at the time. Now, sharing that community with people who need a safe space centred on this common interest is my top priority. Which leads me to…

What made you apply to be an exec?

I really wanted to share this community I’d found with as many people as I could. I joined UTKC in 2017-2018 as the Director of Promotions for this purpose. Eventually, my passion for the club led me to become President. I hope to encourage all the members to speak themselves, to be proud of who they are, and to welcome them to a safe, positive space where they are accepted.

Fave TV Show: Ah, can I still say Weekly Idol? Given the changes on the show, I suppose my answer is now Idol Room. Then again, there’s Run Bts, BTSGayo, Bon Voyage, Burn the Stage..

Fave Group: I hope this has been blatantly obvious, but it’s BTS.

Fave Karaoke Tune: BTS – hah, no it’s actually GFriend, Time for the Moon Night or Love Whisper. Belting those high notes melts my stress away~

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