Language Exchange Executive

Name: Kiko Brown
Age: 24
POSt: Economics and Diaspora & Transnational Studies

What got you interested in Korean culture? 

I was introduced to Korean culture when I was in high school and became good friends with two girls from Korea. I enjoy Korean music, dramas, movies, pop culture, and fashion. I love to eat and make Korean food, especially Kimchi Jiggae! I am interested in Korean history and learning the Korean language.

What made you become an Exec? 

I am a long time member of the Toronto Korean English Language Exchange. I am delighted to be an Executive and assist in running this weekly program. I began attending the Language Exchange in 2014 when I started learning Korean. It provides a wonderful opportunity to practice English and Korean, learn about different cultures, and make new friends. I would like to continue making the Language Exchange a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment.

Fave tv show: Coffee Prince

Fave group: Big Bang

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