Event Coordinator

Name: Sandra Nwaogwugwu

Age: 23

POSt: Double major in Linguistics and East Asian studies

What got you interested in Korean Culture?

Like most people, I got interested in Korean culture through Kpop. It all started with one SHINee music video and now one of my majors is East Asian studies. After that one video, I wanted to know more, about the language, culture, history. Korean culture incited the little travel bug in me and ever since I always want to explore various countries and culture and also try as much tasty food as I can.

What made you apply to be an Exec?

Being a lover of Korean culture, I wanted to be part of a  community where we all share a similar interest, and can freely share ideas. I am looking forward to all the fun activities that would bring us together

Fave TV Show: It is very hard to pick my favourite TV show ( it changes every season) BUT if I had to, I would choose Empress Ki.  The female lead  was just so strong and motivational, Ha  Ji Won is one of my favourite actresses and I found my K2 in through this drama as well (if you know, you know)

Fave solo/ group: These days I am loving Solo singers Crush and Dean, I really like their vibe, (My first group SHINee would always have a place in my heart)

Fave karaoke tune: I LOVE to sing Wind Breeze by park Wan Kyu, it one of the amazing OST’s from Empress Ki. However, my singing is more on a screeching cat ‘s level, you’ve been warned.

Event Coordinator & Language Exchange Executive

Name: Raquel Ng

Age: 18

POSt: Major in Kinesiology, Minor in Physiology, 2nd year

Snapchat: raqueldd47

Instagram: raqii.ky

What are you interested in?

I love to dance and figure skate! Other than that, I love watching variety shows, learning languages (working up to the 7th one), and video calling my friends.

What got you interested in Korean Culture?

Since I grew up in HK, I travelled to Korea a few times and got hooked! Most of my friends are into KPop too which brought me to explore the culture more.

What made you apply to be an Exec?

I thought it would give me a chance to practice some Korean which I started to learn recently, gain more experience with organizing/managing events, and meet some people that have the same interests or experiences as me!

Fave TV Show: Weekly Idol, Idol Room, Hello Counsellor, Law of the Jungle

Fave Group/Soloist: BTS, Seventeen, iKON, NCT, Ailee, BlackPink, Red Velvet

Fave Karaoke Tune: I NEED U – BTS, Beautiful – Amber, Give Love – AKMU, BANG BANG BANG – Big Bang

Language Exchange Executive, Korean Translator/Interpreter & Graphic Designer

Name: Lily Song

Age: 20

POSt: Major in History with a Double Minor in Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies, 3rd year

Instagram: lilysong97

Twitter: lilylune_16

Snapchat: articlily

Tumblr: lilysong97

Wechat/LINE/Kakao: arcticlily


What got you interested in Korean Culture?

I was born and raised in South Korea so it became a part of my identity, but found myself still keeping in touch with the K Culture even after I moved to Canada! I think it’s a mixture of nationalistic pride, familiarity, and curiosity that are fuelling my ongoing interest.

What made you apply to be an Exec?

I wanted to contribute to both the university and the Korean community in some way, and using my bilingual fluency at UofT Korea Club seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to do just that! And just like everyone else, I’d like to make new friends from all three campuses in a university as big as ours.

Fave TV Show: Hello Counsellor

Fave solo/group: Heize, BTS

Fave karaoke tune: IDOL – BTS