Vice President

Name: Louise Allyn Palma

Age: 21

POSt: Specialist in Journalism, Minor in Media Studies, 4th year

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

I got interested in Korean culture when I first discovered K-Pop during the time of SHINee’s debut. But I easily got out of that, and it resurged through variety shows like Hello Counsellor, Running Man and Return of Superman! And of course, I absolutely love the food. Watching reruns of the Song triplets, William or watching poor Lee Kwang-soo fall on his face (again) while eating tteokbokki, haemul pajeon or mandu is definitely the best to unwind and makes me the happiest. (So much love for the food~)

What made you apply to be an exec?

As an exec, I knew I would be placed in a position that would heavily contribute to creating a safe, positive and open environment for everyone and anyone interested in Korean culture to interact with others with the same interest. I want to continue this culture that UTKC proudly represents. I also wanted to support my colleagues and executives as much as I could, in their passion and vision for our club.

Fave TV Show : *cries* I love love love Return of Superman and Running Man, basically equally. Hello Counsellor is wonderful, but sometimes it gives me stress because of certain problems, haha. ^^;


Name: Lucky Thangarajah

POSt: Major in Criminology, 2nd year

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

I absolutely love dancing! I learned about Korean culture through K-Pop. And because I love dancing, I was drawn to the dope choreographies. Specifically for boy groups. And because of that, I got into Korean culture. Our VP made me try Korean food, and oh my God. Kimchi is the literal best. It is the bomb.

What made you apply to be an exec?

During my previous year of study, I actually had a chance to participate in the Korean-English Language Exchange. I didn’t get to go a lot, but when I went I had fun. I met a lot of fun people. The Korean people I met during the exchange were so interested in learning about our culture, which made me interested in learning about their culture. That experience made me want to join the club, so I could use my knowledge of Korean culture to have an opportunity to get more Koreans involved in Toronto.

Fave group(s): BTS, MONSTAX, NCT2018

Event Coordinator

Name: Calvin La

Age: 20

POSt: Major in CCIT

Social Media: @illeboy_

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

My first experience with Korean Culture was from listening to Big Bang, I gradually began liking Korean Culture more and more and started watching k-dramas such as 49 days and Heartstrings. Now my favourite group is BTS and I watch the occasional drama. I recently finished What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and loved it!

What made you apply to be an Exec?

I applied to be an Exec because I had a great experience at the events run by UTKC. I wanted to be a part of it, and help more people have a good experience like I did. I’m hoping as an Exec I can share more Korean Culture with people who are interested and leave a good impression and great memories for anyone who attends our events.

Fave TV Show, Fave Group/Soloist, Fave Karaoke Tune:

My favourite show is the Produce series (although it is painful to watch at the same time), and my favourite group is BTS. My favourite soloist is Yu Seung Woo, and I love singing a lot of ballads at karaoke. I really like Roy Kim’s Only Then at the moment!