Korea Club Social

This social event will involve speeches from those who applied for the executive positions for the new school year, plenty of fun and interesting games, food, and also really amazing raffle prizes! Raffle tickets will be $2 for 1 ticket, and a deal of $5 for 3 tickets! We would like to thank the amazing executive team for their donations, as well as Collo 콜로 Language Exchange for their donation! A schedule of the event will be posted shortly along with some sneak peaks into the raffle prizes!!!

Hope to see you all there!


Thank you very much to those who came out and voted for the new executive team! The future looks bright and promising for The Korea Club and also a huge thanks again for Collo 콜로 Language Exchange for their generous donation! Congratulations to those who won the raffle prizes!

Just some of the freebies that were up for grabs in our games!
New executive team with the old executive team!
Some raffle prizes!
All those amazing people who attended this event!

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