Event Coordinator

Name: Calvin La

Age: 20

POSt: Major in CCIT

Social Media: @illeboy_

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

My first experience with Korean Culture was from listening to Big Bang, I gradually began liking Korean Culture more and more and started watching k-dramas such as 49 days and Heartstrings. Now my favourite group is BTS and I watch the occasional drama. I recently finished What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and loved it!

What made you apply to be an Exec?

I applied to be an Exec because I had a great experience at the events run by UTKC. I wanted to be a part of it, and help more people have a good experience like I did. I’m hoping as an Exec I can share more Korean Culture with people who are interested and leave a good impression and great memories for anyone who attends our events.

Fave TV Show, Fave Group/Soloist, Fave Karaoke Tune:

My favourite show is the Produce series (although it is painful to watch at the same time), and my favourite group is BTS. My favourite soloist is Yu Seung Woo, and I love singing a lot of ballads at karaoke. I really like Roy Kim’s Only Then at the moment!

Event Coordinator

Name: Sandra Nwaogwugwu

Age: 23

POSt: Double major in Linguistics and East Asian studies

What got you interested in Korean Culture?

Like most people, I got interested in Korean culture through Kpop. It all started with one SHINee music video and now one of my majors is East Asian studies. After that one video, I wanted to know more, about the language, culture, history. Korean culture incited the little travel bug in me and ever since I always want to explore various countries and culture and also try as much tasty food as I can.

What made you apply to be an Exec?

Being a lover of Korean culture, I wanted to be part of a  community where we all share a similar interest, and can freely share ideas. I am looking forward to all the fun activities that would bring us together

Fave TV Show: It is very hard to pick my favourite TV show ( it changes every season) BUT if I had to, I would choose Empress Ki.  The female lead  was just so strong and motivational, Ha  Ji Won is one of my favourite actresses and I found my K2 in through this drama as well (if you know, you know)

Fave solo/ group: These days I am loving Solo singers Crush and Dean, I really like their vibe, (My first group SHINee would always have a place in my heart)

Fave karaoke tune: I LOVE to sing Wind Breeze by park Wan Kyu, it one of the amazing OST’s from Empress Ki. However, my singing is more on a screeching cat ‘s level, you’ve been warned.

Event Coordinator & Language Exchange Executive

Name: Raquel Ng

Age: 18

POSt: Major in Kinesiology, Minor in Physiology, 2nd year

Snapchat: raqueldd47

Instagram: raqii.ky

What are you interested in?

I love to dance and figure skate! Other than that, I love watching variety shows, learning languages (working up to the 7th one), and video calling my friends.

What got you interested in Korean Culture?

Since I grew up in HK, I travelled to Korea a few times and got hooked! Most of my friends are into KPop too which brought me to explore the culture more.

What made you apply to be an Exec?

I thought it would give me a chance to practice some Korean which I started to learn recently, gain more experience with organizing/managing events, and meet some people that have the same interests or experiences as me!

Fave TV Show: Weekly Idol, Idol Room, Hello Counsellor, Law of the Jungle

Fave Group/Soloist: BTS, Seventeen, iKON, NCT, Ailee, BlackPink, Red Velvet

Fave Karaoke Tune: I NEED U – BTS, Beautiful – Amber, Give Love – AKMU, BANG BANG BANG – Big Bang