Vice President

Name: Louise Allyn Palma

Age: 21

POSt: Specialist in Journalism, Minor in Media Studies, 4th year

What are you interested in and what got you interested in Korean culture?

I got interested in Korean culture when I first discovered K-Pop during the time of SHINee’s debut. But I easily got out of that, and it resurged through variety shows like Hello Counsellor, Running Man and Return of Superman! And of course, I absolutely love the food. Watching reruns of the Song triplets, William or watching poor Lee Kwang-soo fall on his face (again) while eating tteokbokki, haemul pajeon or mandu is definitely the best to unwind and makes me the happiest. (So much love for the food~)

What made you apply to be an exec?

As an exec, I knew I would be placed in a position that would heavily contribute to creating a safe, positive and open environment for everyone and anyone interested in Korean culture to interact with others with the same interest. I want to continue this culture that UTKC proudly represents. I also wanted to support my colleagues and executives as much as I could, in their passion and vision for our club.

Fave TV Show : *cries* I love love love Return of Superman and Running Man, basically equally. Hello Counsellor is wonderful, but sometimes it gives me stress because of certain problems, haha. ^^;

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